Here are some most popular questions people ask before buing Stars Glows Kit, please read them before buing and if you still have some questions contact me directly.

Why and how is it glow?

As you are mixing glowing powder, same which is used in swiss watches, witch regular paint you create glowing paint which accumulate light during the day and glow immediately after you turn the lights off.

How long free postage will take?

All kits are made by me in Poland so if you from Europe its usually few days, if you from U.S. usually one week up to two weeks, other parts of Globe up to one month.

Is it safe?

Glowing powder is 100% safe to use. Ofcourse it is not intended for consumption but it is safe to use as glowing paint.

Is it difficult to reproduce stars on ceiling?

Job is very easy to do. You just have to soak the tip of stick provided in the kit in glowing paint and press it to the surface you want to paint. If you would do it on the ceiling it will look exactly how stars do.

How long does it take to paint the whole ceiling?

It takes around an hour or two to paint the whole ceiling in the room.  

Will it be visible during the day?

If you have a white ceiling and will not put to much paint it will not be visible during the day.