Stars Glows Kit


29 $

Stars Glows Kit – DIY kit for making your ceiling a 1000+ glowing stars. It accumulates light all day and returns it (glowing) all night right after you turn off your light, presenting you beautiful view which cant be described. It’s made by normal paint mixed with the brightest 4’th generation of luminescent pigment which is used in swiss watches (it cost far more than 999 silver). Painting of one ceiling takes around 2 hours depends on the size.

This is the single cheapest thing to totally change your all room or your child’s room.

This kit will prevent your chid from fear of darkness.

This is zero-waste packaging. All recycling.

Kit include:

  • White non-toxic paint
  • Few grams of glowing power
  • Wooden spatulas for mixing
  • Wooden sticks for painting
  • How to tutorial