I will paint Glowing Stars for You

Improve your health, increase property value, grow your AirBnB or Hotel revenue.

Let me introduce Star Maker service for You.

Anywhere in the world for 2000$. Anywhere in US 1000$.



Star Maker Service

I will paint glowing in the dark stars at your ceiling.

How does it work?

It accumulates light all day and returns it (glows) all night right after you turn off your lights, presenting you beautiful view which can not be described. It’s made by normal paint mixed with the brightest special mix of 4’th generation of luminescent pigments which are used in swiss watches (it cost far more than 999 silver). Painting one ceiling takes around 2 hours depends on the size.

It really is an incredible experience, to watch everyday, starry sky right before sleep and I highly recommend you to order one diy kit or my full painting service and try it yourself. 

Lenght of glow up to 50 hours

After you turn the lights off, visible glow last up to 50 hours so it is far more then night keep on, so you can enjoy your starry sky for all night with no trouble.

The shelf life of luminophore is 200 years

This technology is really durable it will last for your grandkids!

Only now prices start from $199.

Please do not miss your opportunity. Price include my cost of transportation to your house. Anywhere in the world from $1999.

For Individuals

For million of years, out ancestors have been spending nights in a fixed low amound of light.  There weren’t any artificial lights, and the only light was coming from the moon and stars themselves. 

Improve Your Sleep

For millions of years, our ancestors have been spending nights in only star and moon lights. We evolved in that conditions.

Recreate a very similar environment by ordering Glowing Stars painting service from me.

Combat Fear of Darkness

Fear of the dark is a common fear or phobia among children and, to a varying degree, adults.

Stars Glows is the best solution for that. Imitating just a tiny amount of light to prevent total darkness and not too much to disturb sleep.

Increase IQ

Half of young people (49%) love learning about outer space.
More than one in three (37%) want a telescope.

Learning about the Universe leads to bigger curiosity, interest in physics and match. And leads to an increase in IQ.

Remind yourself about the universe

Light polution doesn’t allow to see stars besicly at all, if you live in urban area. Over time we forget how small we are in the big universe. That may lead to percive your problems as beeing bigger than they are and decrease mood.

For Bussineses

For thousands of years, out ancestors have been spending nights in a fixed low amound of light.  There weren’t any artificial lights, and the only light was coming from the moon and stars themselves. 

More competitive AirBnB

Tiny homes, Caves, Earth homes, Islands, Campers. We see explosion of unique AirBnBs propositions.


People are looking for something defererent from theirs airbnb experience.

I will not only perform this piece of art in your AirBnB but also take stunning photos of my work. For You, to display online.

Increase Property Value

Art and real estate has shown the most stable and fastest growth in recent years.

Combine both to create uniqe work of art from a known artist which flew from other side of the world to make it.

This feature will help drive your property value and will speed up sale of the real estate if needed.

Your Hotel Booked

Spa, jacuzzi, bar, massages. People are seen in all regarding Hotels.

Give them something unexpected. Something that they can talk about to other people.

Give them hand made glowing stars on the ceiling.

World of Mouth

What Is Word-of-Mouth Marketing? Word-of-mouth marketing is when a consumer’s interest in a company’s product or service is reflected in their daily dialogues. It is free advertising triggered by customer experiences—and usually, something that goes beyond what they expected

Give people a reason to talk about their recent holiday to their pears. By giving them the unexpected experience of glowing stars at night.

My Pricing.

I will fly to your house/business anywhere in the World.


Limited Time Offer!

New York City 199$ offer is limited till 28 June 2022. After that date price increases and my service is only avaible in the area till the end of august.








Over 400 satisfy clients

I’m selling glowing stars as service for 3 years as far all clients were 100% satisfied and recommended this experience for their family.

100% Save

This is a 4’th generation of luminophore as it is very safe and include all certificates.





Why and how is it glow?

I’m adding a custom mix of glowing powders, the same which is used in swiss watches, to regular paint which creates a glowing paint which accumulates light during the day and glows immediately after you turn the lights off.

Is it safe?

Glowing powder is 100% safe to use. Ofcourse it is not intended for consumption but it is safe to use as glowing paint.

How long does it take to paint the whole ceiling?

It takes two to three hours to paint the whole ceiling in the room.  

Will it be visible during the day?

On white ceiling, I’m making it so it is not visible during the day. 

Can You paint black ceiling?

I can Paint a black ceiling but, the “stars” will be visible during the day as they will be white. I can not use black paint to paint them, otherwise they will glow very little.

Where can I order your service?

I am avaible around the world. But locally staying in the NYC till the and of august. 

How to prepare for painting?

You do not necessarily need to cover anything before my service. I advise only to cover the sheets and kids’ toys. But I am painting very carefully not to drip anything.

Hi there,

My name is Lukasz Puszkarewicz and I am from Poland. I use to be a Ring Maker but 4 years ago I invented Stars Glows and started to paint custom glowing stars on ceilings.

You can follow me on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok where I share my journey. With over 200+ satisfied clients, I love to give people joy.


Łukasz Puszkarewicz


+48 663200043





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