Turn your ceiling into a bright night sky


Have you ever dreamed of looking at the stars from the comfort of your bed? Looking at the starry sky is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. From now on you can experience that at your home comfort.



Stars Glows kit

I present you my invention: Stars Glows Kit witch allow you to paint a glowing stars on your ceiling. It accumulates light all day and returns it (glowing) all night right after you turn off your light, presenting you beautiful view which can not be described. It’s made by normal paint mixed with the brightest 4’th generation of luminescent pigment which is used in swiss watches (it cost far more than 999 silver). Painting one ceiling takes around 2 hours depends on the size.

It really is an incredible experience, to watch everyday, starry sky right before sleep and I highly recommend you to buy one kit and try it yourself.



Visible length of glow up to 50 hours

After you turn the lights off, visible glow last up to 50 hours so it is far more then night keep on, so you can enjoy your starry sky for all night with no trouble.

The shelf life of luminophore is 200 years

This technology is really durable it will last for your grandkids!

Only now prices start from £19.

Please do not miss your opportunity. Price include free worldwide shipping and tax!

Over 400 satisfy clients

I’m selling glowing stars as service for 3 years as far all clients were 100% satisfied and recommended this experience for their family.

100% Save

This is a 4’th generation of luminophore as it is very safe and include all certificates.





Order your kit today!